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COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Gullgren: 5G offers tremendous opportunities to our countries and businesses

We need a common approach within the EU on how to handle these challenges. But overall, 5G offers tremendous opportunities and is by and large good news to our countries, our businesses and our citizens – says the embassador of Sweden to Poland Stefan Gullgren in an interview for Is 5G development business or politics?

Stefan Gullgren: 5G is a technology that, if used properly, will be of crucial importance for the efficiency and competitiveness of our economies. It can also bring huge benefits to our daily lives. It will make our cities smarter, our industry more competitive and our lives easier. At the same time, there are valid questions concerning security and especially cyber security that need to be addressed. Certainly this will not only involve efforts by individuals governments. We need a common approach within the EU on how to handle these challenges. But overall, 5G offers tremendous opportunities and is by and large good news to our countries, our businesses and our citizens.

What security measures must telecom companies fulfil in Sweden? How do they look upon the Polish approach?

Current national regulations in Sweden concern all security within electronic communication in general. It does not solely target specific technologies such as e.g. 5G. The legislation, among other, demands that the activities fulfil requirements on operational reliability. In order to specifically meet security related demands concerning frequencies, the government has recently presented a bill to Parliament on the protection of Sweden’s security in radio usage.

What are the possibilities for Ericsson to engage in 5G in Poland? Is it really an option to build a factory?

Ericsson has substantial and important operations in Poland, especially in R&D, within which it employs more than 2000 engineers. Ericsson has also recently opened the first live 5G test network in Warsaw, which shows that 5G is already operational in Poland, with Swedish technology. Regarding investment plans in Poland I would like to refer directly to Ericsson.

How does Sweden look upon the potential of the Polish market?

Poland is a key partner of Sweden including on trade and investment cooperation. Our trade is growing steadily. Only in 2018 Swedish exports to Poland grew with 21% and our imports are also growing. Swedish business are committed to the Polish market through significant investments. During the last years these investments have been climbing higher in the value chain. Swedish companies invest in R&D, innovation and advanced production. They see further growth potential for the upcoming years. The investment climate in Poland is perceived as beneficial by Swedish companies and our bilateral relations are good. In the Embassy’s activities we focus on sustainability, energy, sustainable urban transport and telecom where we think there is good potential to deepen the cooperation between our countries and our business communities.

What are the results of the discussion between our prime ministers?

The recent visit of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Stockholm confirmed the strong and strategic partnership between our countries. One of the foundations of this partnership is our shared interest to create conditions for innovation in our economies and thereby ensure that they become increasingly more competitive. This shared interest also applies to strengthening the competitiveness of the EU through the development of the internal market. The development of 5G is part of this effort, and also of the effort to accelerate the implementation of the smart city concept and sustainable infrastructure solutions in general. In all these areas I see excellent opportunities for cooperation between Sweden and Poland.

Interview by Wojciech Jakóbik