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Poland doubles down on protecting the Baltic Pipe to avoid a Nord Stream scenario

Photo By Energinet / Maria Tuxen Heddegard Photo By Energinet / Maria Tuxen Heddegard

Gaz-System has signed an agreement with a global leader in pipeline technical support on the monitoring of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline. The pipe is considered critical infrastructure that must be put under special protection after the sabotage of the Nord Streams.

The pipes of the Baltic Pipe in Denmark were welded and then dragged through a small Beltway in Denmark, between Jutland and Fiona.

The Polish gas transmission network operator has stated that the signed agreement will be valid for 5 years, and activities related to the implementation of the contract will be carried out from several locations. “The selected contractor has many years of experience in the design and management of undersea gas pipelines, SEA Global will be responsible for, among others, the technical evaluation of the pipeline, conducting numerical analyses and providing consulting on maintenance work,” reports Gaz-System.

Importantly, on top of that, Gaz-System employees will be provided with the necessary competent training in the field of gas pipeline integrity management, inspection, condition assessment and risk analysis.

The integrity of the gas pipelines in the Baltic was threatened by the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipes stretching from Russia to Germany on September 26, 2022. It took place the day before the launch of the Baltic Pipe. The sabotage was followed by a series of mysterious incidents involving energy infrastructure in Europe.

The European Union and NATO have stepped up cooperation to protect it. Gaz-System President Marcin Chludziński told the company was working on this. “As far as the safety of gas pipelines and other transmission system facilities is concerned, it is well known that what is happening beyond our eastern border has an impact on a growing threat to the transmission infrastructure in Poland, ” the President of Gaz-System told us.

“Physical protection and business continuity are no small challenges. However, this issue lies in the sphere of classified information, so I can not give many details. We can use the tools that the Internal Security Service Act allows us to use. Here we cooperate on an ongoing basis with state bodies and institutions that strongly support our activities in the framework of protecting critical infrastructure, which we manage and on which the security of Poland’s energy depends,” he added.

Gaz-System / Wojciech Jakóbik / Jacek Perzyński