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Poles can’t win in Moscow even if two Russians are arguing

Remont-Przyjaźń-Białoruś-BELTA Repair of the Friendship Oil Pipeline in Belarus. Picture by BELTA

A dispute between Russian companies over oil pollution, which impacted Poland as well as other countries, has been closed by a court in Moscow due to the possibility of Russian losses. Polish companies still have not received compensation from the Russians.

The arbitration court in Moscow rejected the appeal of the operator of oil transmission pipelines in Russia Transneft, which sued the oil supplier Rosneft for the crisis of contaminated oil in 2019. At that time, the oil reaching customers in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Ukraine ceased to meet standards, forcing a temporary halt in supplies through the Friendship Pipeline. Recipients in Europe, including Poland’s Orlen and Lotos, as well as owners of infrastructure, such as PERN, still have not received compensation.

Meanwhile, on November 20, the arbitration court in Moscow decided that Transneft’s appeal against Rosneft worth 2 billion rubles should be rejected at the request of the latter company, which, according to Interfax, argued that the case “would require securing information that could bring losses to the Russian Federation.”

It is worth adding that Rosneft blamed the contaminated oil on Transneft and demanded compensation in the amount of 120.9 million dollars, 47.6 thousand euros, 5.5 thousand pounds, 73.9 million rubles and 3.4 billion rubles, or a total of about 11 billion rubles, for the losses of its customers, including those in Poland.

Interfax / Wojciech Jakóbik